PLNOG meetup by VMware już 2 czerwca w Warszawie!

PLNOG razem z VMware zaprasza na nasz wspólny meetup - spotkajmy się jeszcze przed wrześniowym PLNOG-iem w luźnej atmosferze! :)


Educational track, workshops for speakers and Internet of Things - what’s new at PLNOG17?

The first meeting of the new Program Commitee was held on April 20th. Energy, millions of ideas and new opportunities - that’s what describes that meeting best!

What’s new at PLNOG17?

  • Educational track - for medium level engineers and students.

  • Internet of Things - we will present innovative solutions, introduce startups and the latest IT trends. There will also be some time for Smart Cities in our schedule!

  • Training for new speakers, during which more experienced announcers will assist, advise and encourage to come forward with case studies. All this to make our lectures the best of the best!

  • Case study - a strong focus on stories, successes and failures of specific companies

But this is not the end of news! PLNOG is constant growth, the number of participants is growing so we decided to change the location. So remember that seventeenth edition of PLNOG conference will be held on September 26-27th in Double Tree by Hilton in Krakow. The new location offers more space, and the brand of Hilton is inseparably associated with the highest quality!

We always try to make the conference not only a valuable business experience, but we also the enjoyable time. This time all the fast cars’ fans will surely spend fascinating time at PLNOG, because the theme of the coming edition are racing cars! Fasten your seat belts, because we are preparing a bumpy ride!

Remember that the registration has already started!

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If you already miss (and we most certainly do hope so ;)) PLNOG16, make sure to take a look at YouTube, where you can find recorded lectures and video recaps from the whole conference and the afterparty!


"PLNOG is not only a conference for the biggest companies" - his role in the Programme Committee described by Marcin Kuczera.

Marcin Kuczera reveals his plans for the September edition of PLNOG. Which way he wants to lead the conference in and which goals are most important to him.

Which way do you want to run the conference, what kind of changes do you want to make?

I would like for the sessions to include more interest and practice, and that the whole business was kept on the stands and, of course, on the sidelines. I must admit that it is already happening, but this trend should be reinforced.

What will the next PLNOG look like?

Let's start from the location - Krakow, this time not in the Galaxy Hotel, which proved to be to small for us. South of Poland attracts a slightly different audience - we're especially counting on entrepreneurs from Silesia.

Some time ago among ISPs I heard that PLNOG is about "only the big telecoms and topics for the money they do not have". Gradually some people whom I used to see at PLNOG regularly, has stopped to show up. It would have been nice if we could attract this group again. It’s good to know what is new with the smaller players.

At the last conference I met some friends from the IT company (whom I introduced to PLNOG ;) ). They have some spare resources, they used to deal with the network topics and ... they came look for the inspiration! I don’t know if they have found it and what will be the outcome, but they looked satisfied (they didn’t know about PLNOG before) and they had some ideas for new areas of activity. This actually replies to the first question, because PLNOG could become a place of inspiration for the start-ups. After all, it’s a perfect place to see how telecom works in Poland, what's hot, what's it all about and what pain points telecoms have.

What are your personal goals in the committee?

Personally - I want to share my knowledge. Being a part of the committee is one thing, but if I have something interesting (or at least I think so) to say, I will still be eager to do it and  encourage others.


The next personal opinions are coming soon, and the mentioned above committee meeting will be held close to the infraXstructure conference.

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"Good fun while having an excellently served dish" - how Sebastian Pasternacki imagines PLNOG17?

During PLNOG16 you have chosen the Programme Committee, that will soon begin their work! However, before they start deliberations, we have asked the new members about the individual ideas and plans for the September edition of the conference.

Sebastian Pasternacki is our first responder, who shortly described his goals regarding the coming PLNOG.

At first I would like to share my experience, in both areas - technology and soft skills. I have two preliminary priorities, that I want to promote to the council. My first priority is to focus on education and sessions on technology solutions for communities around the SP and hence I am really happy that the educational path is back at PLNOG.

The second priority and the ambition is to increase the speakers’ presentaton skills, so that they will feel more comfortable, and the audience will spend an effective learning time and will have a good fun while having an excellently served dish in the form of presentations or workshops.

Programme Committee of PLNOG is in my opinion a one body, and its power remains in the group and joint decisions, not in individual ambitions and plans. I think the whole vision of the coming PLNOG will be clear after the upcoming meeting of the council - Sebastian Pasternacki.

The next personal visions are coming soon, and the above mentioned council meeting will be held close to the infraXstructure conference.

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