Meet the Program Committee of PLNOG17!

PLNOG17 starts on September 26th, but the preparations have already begun. We are working on a lot of new features and a few changes, but let’s keep sharing them one by one. Meanwhile, meet the people who are the core of the Krakow’s edition of Network Operators' Group.


Educational track, workshops for speakers and Internet of Things - what’s new at PLNOG17?

The first meeting of the new Program Commitee was held on April 20th. Energy, millions of ideas and new opportunities - that’s what describes that meeting best!


"PLNOG is not only a conference for the biggest companies" - his role in the Programme Committee described by Marcin Kuczera.

Marcin Kuczera reveals his plans for the September edition of PLNOG. Which way he wants to lead the conference in and which goals are most important to him.