Mobile Performance Management: Manage, Optimize, and Secure, Connectivity for Mobile Work Teams

Providing employees the latest devices, best-rated apps and service from the “fastest” networks is only half of the mobile deployment equation. It’s just as important to secure their connectivity and gain performance information and control so that IT teams can be sure they’re delivering a quality user experience to each employee through inevitable coverage gaps, network handoffs and more. Organizations that adopt this cohesive approach prevent data loss, application crashes and repeat logins, significantly reducing IT support calls. 

In this session, attendees will learn that only Mobile Performance Management technology provides the tools IT teams need to provide this seamless experience for users, regardless of the variety of devices, operating systems, carriers and adapters in use. They’ll learn how to better protect their mobile deployment investments with greater visibility into and insights around the critical connections workers require to serve customers and be productive in the field.

Key takeaways include, how to:

-  Identify and troubleshoot poor network performance and chronic connectivity problems

- Reduce deployment expenditures by identifying under-utilized or unused mobile assets

- Control access to applications and devices – from a single user to an entire fleet – based on customizable conditions like the time of day, network type, or even application bandwidth requirements

- Optimize data delivery for faster throughput across even the most bandwidth constrained network.